Thursday, January 11, 2007


Listening to President Bush last night one message I heard was that we've made mistakes - we're shifting our plan of attack - and we will persevere. Those might not be the exact words but I think it was the intent. And I am not an expert on strategy or politics so I make no claim about that.

What I did hear - and liked - was admitting to mistakes and changing strategy. Our work in Iraq to date is not failure - we need to adjust our strategy to accomodate circumstances as they are now.

It takes boldness and strength of character to shift gears. And the more public the gear shifting - the more courage it takes.

For someone (me) who lived in what might be considered a "failing" church environment I can state with much confidence - I didn't fail! The church didn't fail! We made changes to accomodate new circumstances.

Kingdom work - like war - requires never ending evaluation, analysis and strategy adjustments. Some of the Kingdom work I have been involved in required me to set aside my personal agenda - my personal desire for "success" and do what is best for the Kingdom. I had to sacrifice "what will people think" for the greater good. In the last couple of years Desert Crossroads brought a lot of glory to God. It's final chapter may have been it's greatest testimony to God's work being done - not man's.

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