Sunday, December 31, 2006

On the journey

Tonight ends 2006 and the new year starts. Seemed like a good time to start something new for me - thus, the blog.
Actually there is a bunch of new stuff in life right now - some underway and some I've been meaning to start.
New home - recently moved back to Toledo after being gone since 1999. New house - new neighborhood - at least for us. Looking for new jobs.
Basically getting started on a new life and would love for you to share the journey with me from wherever you are.
That's kind of been the theme of life recently - being on a journey. It's taken me a while to figure out we never really arrive.
In coming days, weeks and months I will be sharing that journey with you. Some of it will be personal - some of it will be my observations on stuff around me. And I have opinions - lots of them about lots of stuff. I look forward to hearing from you. Life's challenging enough to think we have to face it alone - so please - join me on the journey!