Tuesday, January 30, 2007

'24' or Family Ties?

This week we met Jack's family - his brother Graem, "who pulled the strings in last spring's plot by President Logan" (Gary Levin, USA Today). That was quite a surprise. Then there is Jack's father Philip,and former girlfriend Maryland, now Graem's wife. Graem and Maryland have a son...Josh....or is he Jack's?

'24' is not only off to an intense, suspenseful start, it holds the promise of exploring Jack's background. Which I find intriguing.

All of us are shaped by our environment. The good, bad and ugly of it molds and shapes our thoughts, words and actions. Some good and some not so good.

It is kind of like the nature or nurture question. Some of who we are is by nature - our genetic predisposition toward certain traits. But nurture, or perhaps a better word would be shaping, explains the rest and possibly most.

What results is our response to nature and shaping. At some point we can look at how we are shaped and respond by embracing what we like and minimizing the negative aspects of what we dislike.

Future episodes will bring more insight into Jack's background and possibly explain more of his personality, fierce loyalty, and willingness to sacrifice for a cause. Is it because of or in spite of his family?

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