Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sacred Grounds

Today I started a new project - painting. Not walls this time! Artwork. I never knew I had this artistic bent in me until a few years ago when I started quilting. Something happens when I'm engrossed in a project - I just get lost there.

My project today involved painting artwork for my kitchen (the walls of which I will be painting in a few days...) and I selected a coffee theme for my artwork. Not a big surprise there....somewhere in the room will be the words "Sacred Grounds".

I came across an image found during a Google search of a coffee cup with newsprint. This sort of sums me up right now. If I'm not writing, or doing a project, I'm reading. And if I'm doing either I am generally drinking coffee.

I sort of miss my weekly column in The Kingman Daily Miner (Kingman, AZ) - consequently, this blog - and I intend to make some sort of "newsprint coffee mug" of my own. I will use an old column, of course - sort of a nice image, if you ask me!

As for the other coffee themed artwork - I'll post some photos when they are complete. that I think about it I could allow you to consign a signed original for yourself. For a fee. I am out of work, you know.

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