Thursday, March 1, 2007

Week One - My Heart

Fasting is never easy for me. I tend to think once I get past the first day or so I'll be okay. But no - I keep wanting to bend the rules. Next thing you know moose tracks ice cream will be health food from heaven!
I am finding that even though I am not "perfect", when I am sincere about seeking God -- he knows my heart. My purpose for this fast is to know God more and hear his voice above the rest. I think it's happening! I no longer feel so wishy-washy about what I am doing. By that I mean I was all over the place in trying to "solve" my problems. Wes said I was approaching them "willy-nilly" -- trying anything and everything I could imagine just to be doing something!
God is giving me peace and now I am able to watch him work instead of trying hard to work myself. Kind of cool if you ask me. Want the details?? Stay tuned...they will be here eventually!

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