Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The First Day

Today is the official start of Lent and the official start of our fast. Having relocated several months ago things just haven't come together as we hoped. We seek God and follow as best we know how. Every now and then along this particular journey we have wondered if we're on the right track. Thus an agreement between Wes and I to fast and pray so we hear from God. For some people that probably sounds kind of weird - don't you just analyze a situation, decide what you want and then go for it? Yeah, sort of. But our analysis is never complete until we hear God's side of the story. And sometimes, even though we don't see the full picture we wait on what we think we want because of God's plan.
Our choice of fast is to eliminate all junk food, most processed food and animal products. This is our version of a "Daniel Fast" - you can read about in the Old Testament in Daniel Chapter 1.
Spiritual fasting is a time set aside to abstain from certain foods or activities to focus on God's presence in our lives. Sometimes I think of it as saying to God "I want to hear from you - I need you -- and I'm willing to go without some things I find particularly comfortable to focus on that."
And right now we want to hear God's voice above all the rest -- including our own. I'll keep you posted on our progress - both the fast and the hearing from God.

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