Thursday, August 9, 2007

Payson, AZ

We left Ohio for Arizona on June 15. Our intention was to live in the Valley - at least mine was. Somehow in the process of getting here and staying with friends in Payson - we now live in Payson! And it seems as if it will be okay. Maybe even a good thing. We found a house to rent and are going about the process of getting settled. Wes started his job a week after we arrived and I started to work too, in July. My part-time position is the Family Advocate for the Gila Family Advocacy Center here in Payson. A new agency, my job entails assisting victims with their rights and through the legal process.

With the rest of my time my desire is to start a small group for people wanting to know and become like Jesus. I can run but I cannot hide - the "call" is still there. I don't know quite how to go about this or how it will turn out but I'm am looking forward to it.

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